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February – April 2022


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Program objectives

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Improve personal well-being by reducing states of stress, anxiety and burnout

003 changes

Adaptation and effective management in the face of change and/or transformation processes, fostering attitudes of resilience and leadership.

007 aware

Heighten states of attention and concentration in regular activities

006 in love

Improve the individual’s relationship with himself by focusing on his own experiences from a position of kindness rather than self-criticism, promoting self-care and the generation of positive thoughts

002 balance

Enhance students’ capacity for emotional self-regulation, enabling them to effectively manage challenging situations at work and in their personal lives.

004 empathy

Boost levels of empathy, improve communication, and build relationships positive interpersonal and professional skills

005 target

Learn to know yourself and to work with your impulses and conditioning to achieve states of greater balance and mental calm, thereby improving decision-making processes in every context

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Aimed at:

Professionals and executives who want to discover MINDFULNESS, to know clearly and thoroughly what it is, its scientific foundations, techniques, and attitudes favoring its practice, experience its effects first-hand, and find ways to apply it to their professional and personal lives.

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The official MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program, originally developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, is  currently a world reference point regarding mindfulness-based interventions, its effectiveness backed by an abundance of medical evidence and neuroscientific publications.

This effectiveness is based on dedicated daily practice of about 40 minutes over the 8 weeks that the program lasts, always with the company and support of a well-trained teacher who has had to pass a demanding international accreditation process before being able to teach in this official program.

  • What is mindfulness?
  • The wandering mind, and «autopilot»
  • The scientific foundations of mindfulness
  • Perception and awareness
  • Thoughts and emotions
  • Mind-body connections
  • Mindfulness and Stress: Reactivity to Stress, The Physiology of Stress, Reaction vs Response; Coping Strategies
  • Mindfulness in communications and relationships
  • Self-care and compassion / self-compassion
  • The integration of mindfulness into one’s personal and professional life
  • Balance and closing
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  • Practical and experiential methodology that requires commitment and motivation from the participants.
  • Participants will practice on a daily basis what they have learned in the various sessions. For this they will have audios, digital resources, readings and useful items that will facilitate their adoption of mindful attitudes on a day-to-day basis.
  • Session organization
    • Formal and informal mindfulness practice, visual resources and conceptual presentation
    • Case studies, Interaction in groups and sharing.
    • Body awareness sessions, basic stretching and gentle yoga.
  • Resources: After each session the student will receive, by email and in digital format, all the necessary resources to review content and do personal work during the week:
    • Summary of the key points covered in the session.
    • Readings, videos and other related resources.
    • Formal and informal practice.
    • Audios/videos with guided practices.

At the end of the program, an official MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) certificate will be issued; this is a program originally developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center

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