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Monday to Thursday,

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February – June 2022


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Program objectives

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Understand the changing and evolving needs of organizations towards digital models where efficiency in internal processes and the user experience are the foundation of the value chain

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Acquire skills to provide your department, company or organization with creative and innovative solutions

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Analyze real cases, drawing on the experience of IBM and its partners to help you understand how new methodologies and technologies have helped their clients tackle and accelerate digital transformation

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Learn to manage the strategies necessary for the digital transformation of the organization and its teams.

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Have IBM technology tools to develop transformative projects for the company and its teams

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Quickly convert your ideas into business value through our comprehensive collaborative participation model, with an exclusive methodology that brings together the best practices in the sector and includes a layer of experience that only IBM can provide (IBM Garage)

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Aimed at:

Professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn about the digital transformation process and who are interested in building a Data Driven organization and understanding its challenges, data analytics, and life cycle.

Professionals from the Tech world who want a refresher course, catching up on the world of technological transformation.

No prior technical experience is necessary.

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  • Introduction to Digital Transformation
  • New Approaches to Digital Transformation
  • Marketing and Digital Communication
  • Automation and Process Digitization as  Key Digital Transformation Elements
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation Project
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The teaching methodology is rooted in challenge-based experiential learning. Students will tackle real IBM challenges in an international setting, thereby bolstering the transformative power of their educational experiences. This pedagogical approach is designed to train professionals with the ability to use technology and place it at the service of society, to solve the challenges of a global and diverse world.

IBM Garage is the company’s method of enabling companies to accelerate, innovate and work more like start-ups. The IBM Garage experience seamlessly blends business strategy, design, and technology into a single, comprehensive experience.

• Co-create through Enterprise Design Thinking workshops, offered by top professionals.

• Co-execute to create, calculate, test and learn new ways of working.

• Cooperate to maintain rapid scalability and continuous cultural change.

With the IBM Garage you derive measurable business value from innovation projects, activate cultural change through co-creation with IBM experts, and harness the momentum of iterative innovation to drive digital transformation at scale. You work alongside experts in design, architecture, agile development, Data Science and AI, automation, Blockchain, and security, as well as accessing the latest AI and hybrid cloud technologies.

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IBM LightBoarding Session: Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence Lifecycle

How IBM’s hyper-realistic Cyber TaHow does IBM Watson work?

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